Our Philosophy

Relationships are the key to success.

But when people gravitate towards others similar to themselves, it's easy for women and non-binary people to get left on the outside. And male-founded startups with the best of intentions can end up struggling with a diversity problem.

FSquared was founded to change that.

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Build your team

FSquared connects co-founders, mentors, and investors, to help women create or join the perfect teams.

Find projects

Want to find out what's out there? Get connected with the most exciting people and projects.

Freelance for equity

Contribute to projects for cash, equity, or just to make new connections.

Become a mentor

Want to help out women who are just beginning their entrepreneurial journey? Give back to the community by becoming a mentor.

Find the best team

Our recommended process

Step one: Get matches.

Filter by school, skill set, interests, and eight other attributes to find the perfect person for your team.

Step two: Meet up.

Meet up with matches over coffee or a glass of wine to discuss projects and determine if there could be a good fit.

Step three: Get to know each other.

We find that the best way to get to know each other is to work together on a contained subproject, and also to spend time hanging out!

Step four: Join the team.

If you worked well together, and you enjoy each other's company, make it official and join the team.

Join the mentorship community.

Whether you're an experienced entrepreneur or just starting out, there's a lot you can contribute to the mentorship community. FSquared connects mentors to new entrepreneurs and also to students hoping to work in tech in the future.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create meaningful connections between women, non-binary people, and allies in tech.

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